3 Dimensional Wood Panels

Date November 23, 2013 Author Categories Blog

A major design trend in Europe is the use of 3 dimensional wood panels. 3 dimensional wood panels offer up an unlimited number of design opportunities to create or transform a space. Lightweight and easy to install, they provide an incredible aesthetic without needing a reinforced wall or brace.

One of the most distinct qualities of this product is its roughly surfaced finish, which brings to mind the sensation as if you just took a log and split it with an axe. The product line evokes a feeling of modern environmentalism.


Octopus Products offers this product in a number of different patterns, widths and wood types. This product is delivered raw, which give customers the opportunity to further customize their products as they please. Leave it raw, stain it, or paint it; the option is yours!

Installation is easy to do. Typically an installer would apply a thick mastic adhesive with a trowel, and start applying panels from the ground up.

Here are more designs and finishes. Choose between a fixed pattern, and a more randomized design. All designs are stocked with a mesh backing for meximum flexibility and easy installation. 


Products above (left to right): OTM11, OTM12, OTM13.

Below are two application shots using Octopus Products OctoTerra OTM11.


Extra: Here is another product which Octopus Products offers that uses the same concept, but covers the wood panels in a metal facing. This recycled metal facing gives the panel a “worn” or “industrial” feel, while maintaining control over the aesthetics and warmth of the project.

Happy designing!