Octolam Copper Laminates
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OCTOLAM 855 GP 48x96" COPPER  Download Image

  • OCTOLAM 855 GP 48x96" COPPER

    OCTOLAM 855 GP 48x96" COPPER

  • OCTOLAM 856 GP 48x96" COPPER

    OCTOLAM 856 GP 48x96" COPPER

  • OCTOLAM 857 GP 48x96"  COPPER

    OCTOLAM 857 GP 48x96" COPPER

  • OCTOLAM 858 GP 48x96" COPPER

    OCTOLAM 858 GP 48x96" COPPER

  • OCTOLAM 860 GP 48x96" COPPER

    OCTOLAM 860 GP 48x96" COPPER

Copper is arguably the most popular and most used metal ever mined. This “super metal” connects the world through electricity and telecommunications cables, making it difficult to imagine the world without copper.

Apart from its widespread use in manufacturing wires, plumbing fixtures, and semiconductors, copper is also an excellent decorative material. Its unique color, texture, and sheen make it a perfect metal laminate for various kinds of surfaces and installations.

Octopus Products is proud to be one of the leading sources of copper laminate in North America. Whether you need a copper-covered wall or furniture, we can help you. Visit us to see our wide selection of metal laminates and find the copper laminate with the right pattern you need.

Why Use Copper Laminates for Your Projects?

Like other metals, copper has its fair share of benefits when used as a laminate material. First off, copper is a soft metal and it has low tensile strength. This explains why it cannot be used for construction purposes. It is soft enough to be bent with bare hands, making copper laminate installation quite manageable without the aid of a professional.

Despite being soft, copper is tough. It can withstand considerable amounts of force without breaking. It is also resistant to corrosion and does not deteriorate like most alloys of iron. If you want to give surfaces a lasting protection, a copper laminate is the perfect choice.

What We Offer

Octopus Products is proud to offer the Octolam metal laminates line consisting of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, handmade copper, and Dekostyle laminates. Of these products, copper laminates are one of the most sought after. This is because our copper laminates come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, textures, and patterns to suit different surfacing needs.

Whether your project requires transforming contemporary cabinetry into a rustic sixties closet, or creating a space with stylish design, then place an order for our copper laminates. Copper laminates work well with antique interior designs and architectures, as any talented designer would know.

Preserving the Copper Finish

Unlike gold, copper’s luster fades over time. Fortunately, though, our copper laminates don’t come with luster that’s hard to restore even with deep polishing. Their obsolescent appearance is what makes them visually appealing. They will, however, require cleaning and polishing to maintain their exquisiteness. Copper laminated surfaces can look as good as new simply by wiping away tarnishes to restore copper’s sheen.

Octopus Products works hand-in-hand with some of the most talented designers and architects in North America by providing them with high-quality surfacing and laminate products. We serve our clients through our offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas/Houston. To know more about our products, you can call our office nearest your location.