Email Marketing Policy

Octopus Products is committed to the responsible, legal use of email marketing technologies.

As an international company, we actively work to ensure our compliance with the American CANSPAM laws, the new Canadian CASL (Bill C-28), and the Canadian PIPEDA privacy act. It is our belief that illegal or inappropriate email marketing practices have significant adverse effects on all of us, in many different ways.

Our email lists are entirely voluntary. Every marketing email we send contains easy, automatic self-removal links. If you are receiving marketing email from us, we likely obtained an email address and request directly from you, or another (current or previous) employee of your company. We usually obtain email addresses through one of these sources:

  1. You have an active business relationship with Octopus Products Ltd.
  2. We were provided with an email address and a request for information during a meeting, sales call, or other event. This request can include “swipe card” information requests at trade shows, and/or by directly requesting emailed product information from one of our sales representatives.
  3. A direct sign-up request for our email list was made online.

Octopus Products takes the privacy of all our subscribers very seriously. We will never sell, lease, rent or otherwise disclose your email address or information to any other organization or individual outside of our company and/or our specially authorized agents. We continuously work ensure that both our company, and our selected marketing partners, take all appropriate precautions to safeguard the information which you entrust to us.

Sometimes, due to human or other error, our marketing email does inadvertently get sent to individuals who may not wish to receive it. We immediately & permanently honor every unsubscribe request made via our automated system. We do our very best to honor removal requests sent through other means, but we strongly suggest using the unsubscribe link found on this page, or in all of our marketing emails. 

Octopus Products does not purchase or use bulk "commercial" email lists. We do sometimes participate in email communications to members of specific industry associations which we are a part of. We do not share our email lists with these associations, and we do our best to encourage and ensure the use of acceptable email marketing standards there as well.