Wood Products

Wood is a perennial favorite among designers and architects for its timeless and natural beauty. Wood is not just easily sourced, it is also highly versatile, quite durable, and imparts a warm tone in anything that uses the material. Projects that liberally use wood have an earthy quality to them, and can easily draw attention to themselves due to the master craftsmanship needed to shape them.

Those who need wood materials for their projects can approach Octopus Products for their building or fabricating needs. We offer wood laminate and veneers that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need them for architectural or artistic purposes, we have the materials to bring your wooden projects to life.

Our Products

Our collection of wood and eco-fiber products, combining natural beauty with innovative product designs.

OctoTerra -OctoTerra panels are handmade panels using natural materials to create exotic decorative effects.

OctoPerf - combines the subtleties of natural woods with the decorative qualities of a perforated metal.

OctoWeave - woven panels that combine wood veneers with handmade craftsmanship.


All of our products are made with durability and aesthetics in mind, and can be used for projects of varying scale. Here are some of the applications our products can be used for:

Ceiling Elements

Architects can use our woven wood or laminate products to cover ceilings and create a lavish interior space with warmth and style. Perfect for homes that want a ceiling that is easy on the eyes without looking boring.

Wall Paneling

Walls could use our woven wood or laminate wood sheets to take on a rich and textured look. Such structures look so appealing on their own that they usually do not need any painting. A rich finish is all a wood surface would ever need.


Wood panels make great flooring materials and are an excellent alternative to tiles. Indeed, stylish wood panels can even look like tiles from afar. Floors made from wood panel give off the effect that the entire floor structure is made from wood—a neat trick for buildings trying to go for a wooden home feel.


For fantastic furniture builds, our wood panels and laminates can serve as decorative elements. Fabricators can enhance the texture and appeal of their furniture by artfully using our wood sheets and panels.


Architects looking for inventive ways to divide spaces in a building can use our woven wood panels to create partitions. This is a great alternative to using translucent screens or glass, and can better fit buildings with an overarching green theme.

Commercial Applications

Art exhibits, spas, boutiques, and restaurants—these establishments, and others similar to them, can greatly benefit from the aesthetic qualities of our wooden products. With a creative eye, anything is possible with our wood products: storefronts adorned with wooden panels, woven wood used for display shelves, and so on.

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Octopus Products offers laminate and surfacing products to clients in North America. We have offices in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas/Houston. Do you need a particular wood product, or do you have any questions for us? Check our contact us page and reach out to the office nearest you.