New OctoTerra

Our latest OctoTerra additions bring both natural and modern elements to our growing collection.

These fresh and unique designs transform any space – re-imagining ‘everyday’ with color, texture, and dimension.
OctoTerra OTP Series uses recycled galvanized metal and solid wood to create handmade decorative panels.
OTM series designs can be used outdoors in protected areas; however, a protective finish needs to be applied.
OTM 14/16/18/20/21 are delivered with a factory applied finish.
OTM 15/17/19/22 are natural white oak and can be stained and finished to a customer’s specifications by the installing contractor.
OTP36 is made from walnut veneer and must be sealed and finished.
OTP37-39 is supplied with a protective finish so the metal will not change colour.
Note that OTP39 is made from real copper and green oxidation accents are possible.
OTM14 – OTM22: 24” X 48” PANELS
OTP36 – OTP39: 24” X 96” PANELS