Octolam AFP Plastic Laminate

Anti-Fingerprint Plastic Laminates

This laminate product has an ultra-matt finish that is repairable!

Anti Fingerprint – has unique surface characteristics that repel moisture residue from fingers and resists finger-prints!

High Scratch and Abrasion Resistance – the surface is resistant to scratches (caused by sharp edges) and against micro scratches (caused by abrasive materials)

Chemical Resistance – suitable for surface cleaning with all household cleaners and resistant to many industrial chemicals (hard acids / hard bases / organic solvents / inorganic salts)

Z108 is a solid white core so there is no exposed black edge.
Z105 is also stocked in a 10mm compact version.
Other colors, thicknesses are available by special order. Contact us for details.


Water Repellent
Heat Resistance
Fade Resistance
Scratch Resistant
Warm Soft Touch
Low Reflectivity
Cold Resistant
Easy Clean
Intense Color
Thermal Healing
Abrasion Resistant
Food Safe
Impact Resistant
Chemical Resistant