Octolam Antibacterial Laminates

Antibacterial HPL Plastic Laminate Sheets

80% of bacteria and viruses are transmitted by contact with hands and contaminated surfaces. Our Sanitized®-treated HPL Laminates are ideal for wall coverings in public places, where bacteria would usually be able to rapidly develop in this environment.

Infection risk is not only restricted to hospital environments. Hygiene is a major concern in all public places such as Hotels, Transport, Educational facilities, Retirement homes. Our anti-Bacterial Laminate products provide all of your interior fitting projects with increased protection.

The antibacterial protection is integrated within the material in order to assure protection throughout its lifecycle. This biocidal additive does not affect the technical and aesthetic performance of our HPL products.

The silver ions encapsulated in glass balls are activated when entering into contact with humidity. They kill surface bacteria and block the cell division process, thus reducing bacteria proliferation.

The Ag+ ion-based Sanitized® treatment is a non-migratory inorganic solution that is not modified with time. Unlike synthetic and organic antimicrobial substances, such as Triclosan, silver is a non-toxic molecule.

Our Sanitized®-treated laminate products are suitable for the fitting of treatment areas, operating rooms, clean rooms, and other types of institutional shared areas.