Octolux Solid Metals

Interior and Exterior Decorative Metal Sheets

Octolux is an extensive selection of high quality anodized aluminum sheets, available in polished, brushed and satin finishes. Octolux sheets can be glued using contact cement, and worked like plastic laminates with standard routers and table saws.

The standard thickness is .024″ – however, colors  80, 81, 82 and 84 can also be offered in thicknesses of .020″ and .032″. These four colors are also available in an exterior grade quality which is ideal for outdoor signage or building cladding.

Suggested applications include:

  • Decorative ceilings
  • Paneling
  • Signage
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Store Fixtures
  • Displays
  • Nameplates
  • Point of sale displays
  • Exhibits
  • Merchandising units

How Anodized Aluminum Sheets Are Made

Normally, aluminum needs no further improvement to provide exceptional protection to surfaces. It is corrosion-resistant so there’s no need for coating to enhance its protective features. In fact, aluminum is used to galvanize ferrous metals due to its high corrosion resistance.

Advancement in metallurgy, however, gave way to methods that can reinforce the already superb qualities of aluminum to meet even greater surfacing needs. By placing an aluminum sheet in a chemical acid bath and allowing electric current to pass through the solution, the aluminum sheet forms a strong coating on its surface. This new aluminum sheet is called anodized aluminum.

Advantages of Octolux Decorative Metal Sheets

Anodized aluminum like the Octolux is definitely more resistant to corrosion than pure aluminum. This is why this metal is often found cladding structural surfaces that are exposed to the elements. When used as a brushed or polished aluminum laminate for furniture and interior surfaces, anodized aluminum provides both beauty and lasting protection.

When choosing Octolam metal laminates for your design, it is crucial to determine how much protection you need for your surfaces. You can make good assessment by considering critical factors such as the environment in which your design will be used, your desired durability, the types of furniture you will install the laminate on, and aesthetics.

Octolux metal sheets work well with a vast range of surfaces. You can even glue it on cement and expect a lasting result. Its unbelievably beneficial properties make it perfect laminate material for ambitious projects.

If you want to know more about Octolux solid metal sheets, and other metal laminates Octopus Products offers, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be more than happy to guide you through your choices and meet your specific needs.