OctoTerra Stock Collection

Handmade from natural materials to create exotic decorative effects.

All Octoterra Stock Collection designs are stocked for immediate availability!

For an almost limitless range of custom materials and designs, see the Octoterra Boutique Collection.

OTM01-OTM07 use coconut shell that is either polished, or left in its natural state, which is then bonded to a mesh backing. Standard sheet sizes are 24 x 24″.

OTP21-OTP24 use palm wood that are hand cut , arranged and bonded to a plywood substrate. Standard panel size is 48 x 48″.

OTP25 and OTP26 use thin slices of tree branches which are arranged and bonded to a plywood substrate. Standard panel size is 48 x 48″. OTP26 has a resin fill in to create a totally smooth surface, perfect for applications such as table and bar tops. OPT25 has no resin fill.

OTP27-OTP34 are our newest additions, and feature sections of varying height and length to create a 3 dimensional effect.

OTP27 is made from recycled galvanized metal, and is treated with a lacquer to prevent any further oxidation.

OTP28-30 use solid oak, and are supplied unfinished. It is strongly recommended to finish these panels with a sealer, stain ( if appropriate ) and lacquer. To achieve Class 1 fire ratings, a number of commercially available fire rated lacquers can be used.

OctoTerra Boutique Collection

A customizable range of special order products.

These designs can be supplied “ as is “ or they can be further customized by changing the materials, the size and scale of the sections and the final finish. Contact your representative to discuss how we can customize OctoTerra to meet your exact project requirements.

Octopus can supply an almost limitless range of variations and custom designs in the OctoTerra program. For example, the type of wood can be changed: the size and layout of the wood sections can be varied: and many other types of material can be incorporated. Simply send a drawing of what you are looking to achieve.

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