Octoweave decorative wall panels use real wood veneer strips, handwoven to create a unique collection.

Also referred to as braided or basket-weave styles, Octoweave sheets are available in a variety of wood species. All sheets are mounted to a fleece backing, which allows the wood sheets to be curved to a radius as small as 6″.

Octoweave designs A, B and C are offered in natural wood finishes, which can be stained or lacquered. All other designs are stocked with a factory applied lacquer finish, which eliminates the need to apply a finish before the product is installed. In addition to our stock program, many custom configurations and designs are possible with a small minimum order. Please refer to the Octoweave samples page to see some examples of non-standard products.  Sheets are handmade and not guaranteed pattern match.  All patterns are in stock.

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Using Octoweave

Due to its highly customizable configuration, Octoweave can be used in a variety of applications. It can be used to finish a wall, and can even be mounted on convex or concave surfaces for a chic aesthetic. Ceilings can also be finished with Octoweave, as well as room dividers and partitions. Fabricators can utilize Octoweave in their projects, such as furniture, chair backs, door facings, and more. Octoweave can be used to decorate counters and the like, allowing designers to create fantastic kitchen or bar layouts. Establishments that could use a touch of Octoweave include restaurants, luxury retail outlets, and even exhibits.

Octoweave comes in various styles, each made from a different type of wood. Designers and architects are free to select the type of wood that best fits the artistic needs of their project.

Wood is generally a great building material to work with, but sometimes designers will need more than just natural grain to finish their projects. Adding a little geometry to wood finishes can impart a sophisticated design while retaining the material’s warmth. Those planning to use wood for decorative wall panels might want to look into Octoweave woven wood structures for this effect.

Octopus Products is proud to offer the Octoweave product line to those in need of a wooden surface with class. Octoweave retains wood’s durability and timeless appearance and combines it with refined design. Whether you need a textured wall to punctuate a space or a stylish decorative material, Octoweave will serve your purposes, and more.

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