Translucent HPL laminate with a perforated aluminum surface.

Enabling absolutely new forms of light design in the completion of interior spaces.

The ingenious contrast of materials used for Starlux sheets have an extraordinary effect on light: cool reflecting metal surfaces, and the translucent and smooth melamine result in a highly aesthetic combination. Back illumination of the sheet can create rooms which radiate an absolutely extraordinary atmosphere.

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Sheet size: 48″ x 96″.


Many types of laminate are manufactured under low pressure, i.e., 20 to 30 bars (between 290 to 435 psi) at temperatures of 335 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit with no adhesives. This helps reduce manufacturing cost but not the laminate’s quality. Laminates (LPL) can still have fire retardant and antibacterial properties even if they are manufactured under this condition.

Increasing the pressure to 70 to 100 bars (between 1,000 and 1,500 psi) and adding adhesive, however, will increase the durability of the final product. That is what we did to produce the very durable Starlux. Adequately resistant to chemicals and heat, it becomes twice as resistant, eventually improving the protective features of the laminate to prolong its life and the surface it’s protecting.

If you are designing a laboratory, a commercial kitchen, or a healthcare facility, using high pressure laminates like Starlux is a good idea. With aluminum used as a substrate instead of the typical particleboard, installation can be much easier and faster.

Fire Retardant and Antibacterial Properties

Starlux’s smooth melamine surface isn’t a mere cosmetic addition. It is the very material that gives the laminate its fire retardant and antibacterial properties. In fact, melamine is used for making fire-resistant textiles like the uniforms worn by firemen. With this protective material included in your design, you can be confident of the outcome of your project.

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