Toplux is a laminated sheet made of melamine, which by means of back illumination, opens up brilliant light archtecture possibilities with the broad range of available colours and finishes.

Each Toplux sheet is unique. The bonded fabrics worked into the material provide a unique effect which can be further increased by use of coloured light sources.

Sheet size: 48″ x 96″


Product Information

When it comes to architectural surfaces, translucent panels are the best choice for when a project calls for both warmth and illumination. Translucent panels allow viewers to admire soft glows of light without being too glaring. It takes a lot of planning to properly play off light on a translucent panel for the best possible aesthetic effect, as well as high quality building materials.

If your project requires the specific use of durable translucent panels, Toplux by Octopus Products is your quality choice. Toplux is a suitable building and fabricating material with its wide range of colors and distinct look. Additionally, as a melamine-based product, there is no risk of breaking like other similar products made from glass. For a translucent effect without the fragility issues, Toplux is your best material option.


Using Toplux

Projects that need translucent architectural panels but cannot use glass can always opt for Toplux as a suitable alternative. Toplux makes a great material for wall finishing, particularly when paired with in-wall lighting. Indeed, it can be used in conjunction with windows and casements for an artistic and dazzling display of natural light. Ceilings with innovative lighting systems could also benefit from having panels made from Toplux.

For fabricating, Toplux is perfect for light fixtures and projects that need a translucent visual aesthetic. When combined with colored light, the illumination effect of the product is further enhanced. Art installations, displays, and other structures can make creative use of Toplux to achieve an illuminating effect. Inventive customers might even find use for Toplux in furniture and the like.

Customers can pair Toplux with our other translucent products for a sophisticated or industrial look. The fabric-like texture of Toplux is best paired with metal or metal-like surfaces, and we have numerous products that would match the laminated sheet.

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