Our Products

Octopus Products is your premier distributor of quality laminate sheets and surfacing products. We carry a variety of products from manufacturers throughout the world, giving us one of the widest selections of surfacing materials in North America. Visit us today and let us provide you with material and laminate samples to get you started.

Wall Panels

Panels are needed to not only lend aesthetic quality to a project, but also to impart a layer of protection. We offer a comprehensive selection of modern wall panels for you to choose from. Our stock includes 3D, textured, and decorative wall panels, for any and all projects you need finishing. No matter the architectural surfaces you need, we have the right panels for the job.

Wood Panels

There are a lot of things to wood that make it such an appealing building material. Its organic grain, the warmth it exudes, and its rich natural color—any architect, fabricator, or designer can appreciate the beauty wood lends to a structure. Octopus Products understands this well, and offers a line of wood paneling for customers to use on their projects. Tongue-and-groove or woven wood panels, we have them all.

Translucent Panels

Sometimes, a project calls for ingenious architecture that maximizes the use of natural light. You could use a regular wall panel, but why stop there? If you need a surface that can make great use of careful lighting, then translucent wall panels might go well with your project. Our collection of advanced translucent panels will bring in light to any space they are used in.


Octopus Products carries a full range of laminate products for surfacing. We stock both plastic and wood laminate products in an assortment of different styles, and they are suitable for finishing and adding more design to an existing space. Our high pressure laminates are extremely durable, and will resist minor impacts, weather effects, temperature changes, moisture, and so on.


Granite flooring is incredibly hard-wearing, low maintenance, and highly aesthetic to add. If you need such flooring, Octopus Products has you covered. We also carry flooring products produced from durable Murano glass, achieving a similar look to granite, but in a wider variety of colors.

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Octopus Products is based in North America, serving customers in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas/Houston. If you have any questions for us about our products, call or email our office closest to you.