Innovative and Superb Metal Laminates for World-Class Designs

Award-winning architects and designers are some of the greatest visionaries in the world. Their vast imagination allows them to conceptualize visually compelling interior and exterior designs for various structures.

Octopus Products plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of vision of these world-class artists’ visions. By providing the highest quality materials available, we help ensure that every detail of their creative visions will come to life.

Metal Laminates

One of the materials top architects and designers trust our company to provide them with is our Octolam metal laminates. These HPL decorative metal sheets, made with a durable and flexible backing, are frequently used for transforming the appearance of wall and furniture surfaces. Their striking metallic sheen gives countertops, cabinetry and walls a whole new look, allowing them to fit into the most sophisticated of designs.

Octolam metal laminates feature realistic depths and brilliance that often have not been duplicated by other suppliers. Our metal laminate products come in five different types:


If you desire a reflective metallic luster on your surface, aluminum laminate is a good option. We offer a wide in-stock variety of corrosion-resistant colors, textures and finishes. The material is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and install. If a solid metal sheet is desired instead of a laminate, don;t foget to check out our Octolux Solid Metals as well.

Stainless Steel

Like aluminum laminate, our Octolam stainless steel laminate doesn’t rust and comes in various brushed and textured finishes, and is very easy to clean and maintain. Containing chromium, this HPL metalic laminate is highly resistant to many types of corrosion and discoloration.


This metal produces a green material as it becomes exposed to moisture and oxygen over time. Our high-quality coated copper laminates fully resist this natural corrosion process. Because copper is quite malleable and soft, it easily permits complex embossed patterns and figures on it, allowing for some of the most exquisite laminate designs.

Handmade Copper

For a copper laminate that has beautiful and unique textures and designs, opt for our Octolam handmade copper laminates. Its rustic and classic features make it a perfect decorative cover to complement your unique interior wall and furniture designs.


Give your space a touch of modernity with Dekostyle metal laminate, which features unique textures and perforations.

Whether you’re looking for durable metal laminates for walls, furniture or cabinetry, or a unique stainless steel backsplash for your kitchen design, we have it in our inventory.

We are the supplier of choice for many designers because we offer only high-quality laminates from prominent lines and are always on the lookout for innovative new products for our clients.

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