Translucent Products

Octopus Products carries a broad range of translucent panels for architectural and/or fabricating applications. Each of our offerings is masterfully crafted to produce a distinct look, instantly adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project.

Our collection of high-tech translucent laminates open up brilliant light architecture possibilities!

  • Bencore Starlight & Lightben – represent the latest advances in transparent panel design.
  • Starlux – an innovative high pressure translucent laminate with a perforated aluminum surface.


When it comes to translucent materials, proper use of light can make all the difference. Colored illumination can enhance the effect of translucent panels, and can be quite eye-catching. Here are some sample applications for our translucent products.


Interiors can be outfitted with translucent materials for a variety of effects and functions. Translucent wall panels may be used in conjunction with in-wall lighting to produce an indoor glow. Panels on the ceiling make a seamless room design that eliminates the need for hanging lights and other similar fixtures. Translucent panels also make great dividers or screens for partitioning.


Just like the interiors of a building, the exteriors can benefit from translucent parts. Windows can be outfitted with translucent parts for beautiful results. Skylight structures can be made more colorful with translucent materials. Exterior lighting that is built into the structure can also find uses for translucent panels.


The panels make great parts for lighting projects of all kinds. Hanging lights, standing lamps, and even lantern-like structures would look much more appealing when translucent parts are used.


Whether it is an artistic project or a project that needs unique decoration, our translucent products are more than up to the challenge. Installations, sculptures, art pieces—the fabrication possibilities are endless.

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