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Truly Inspiring Interiors

Octopus Products is your premier resource for quality laminates and surfacing products. We carry unique and highly aesthetic building products sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. Indeed, we provide exotic products that other laminate companies do not. Moreover, we offer competitive pricing on all our products, ensuring that our customers will always get the best value on their purchases.

Since 1950, Octopus Products has been providing the design and woodworking industries with specialty decorative finishes and materials.

Octopus Products searches the world market to source unique decorative surfacing products to allow our customers to create inspiring interior environments.

Designers, architects, furniture and fixture manufacturers look to Octopus Products to provide materials not available from any other source at competitive pricing, with service unparalleled in the industry.

With customer support centers in Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec, and Los Angeles County, California, Octopus Products can provide the service our customers require to help them exceed their customers expectations.

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Our Products

We sell laminate sheets, high pressure laminate, metal laminate, plastic laminates, modern wall panels, wood paneling, aluminum honeycomb surfaces, stainless steel back-splash products, granite surfaces, copper installations, translucent panels, flooring materials, and much more. Additionally, we also carry green products, for those clients who prefer environmental building materials.


Why Should You Choose Octopus Products?

Octopus Products is all about providing superior customer service. We help customers find exactly what they are looking for. We cannot stress enough that we offer products that not a lot of other distributors can get their hands on, and we get our stock directly from manufacturers overseas. Allow us to provide you with material and laminate samples to choose from, so you can get a better feel of the products we are offering you. All our products are reasonably priced, and we pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate fast turnarounds, even on bulk orders. We always have a good supply of all our products at hand, so you are guaranteed to receive your complete orders in a timely fashion.

We are committed to helping our clients—whether they are designers, architects, fabricators, or interior designers—with their projects. If our clients desire to build and/or finish interior spaces that are outfitted with difficult-to-obtain materials, it is our responsibility to help them bring their designs to fruition. Restaurants, art installations, function rooms, luxury boutiques, cafes, office spaces, and so on—we hope that through our comprehensive collection of products, our clients can realize even their most ambitious projects.

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Octopus Products maintains offices throughout North America, in places such as Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas/Houston. For more information on our products, or if you have any questions for us, get in touch with the office closest to your location.