Octolam Plastic Laminates

Octolam Plastic Laminates offer decorative surfacing solutions for interior surfaces. With uniquely curated colors and patterns, enhanced realism, and exceptional durability, our laminates stand out from the crowd. Our meticulously curated designs, drawn from a vast database of possibilities, ensure your spaces are ahead of the curve.

Octolam Natural Abstracts Laminates
Octolam Anti-Fingerprint Laminates
Octolam Rustic Laminates
Octolam Solid Color Textured
Octolam Solid Color Smooth
Octolam Woodgrain Laminates - Light
Octolam Woodgrain Laminates - Medium
Octolam Woodgrain Laminates - Dark
Octolam Metallic Effect Laminates

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