Octolam Plastic Laminates

High Pressure Plastic Laminate Sheets

Octolam HPL laminate is a decorative surfacing material that can be used to enhance the look of kitchen counters, table tops, cabinetry, furniture and many other interior surfaces. It can provide colors and textures impossible to achieve with wood, stone, or metal. Durable, thin, inexpensive and easy to install, plastic laminate can often be the perfect solution for many designs and projects.

Octolam high pressure plastic laminates represent the most innovative collection of laminates from the world’s best manufacturers, combining leading edge creativity and design with the highest production and quality standards.

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Wood Grains


Our plastic laminate is made of three layers: brown paper coated with phenolic resin, paper with design or pattern, and a clear sheet. These layers made with different materials bonded together and cured under heat and pressure to produce a thin yet tough polymer-matrix composite.

Properties of Octolam Plastic Laminates

To ensure that we produce the quality you need to achieve award-winning designs, we turn to plastic laminates that are designed to the specifications required by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). We provide more than 70 standard grades of plastic laminate to meet your varying needs.

We offer products that no other supplier does. We are very meticulous in choosing products that we want to offer our clients, which is why we are so confident that the plastic laminates we provide are world-class. In fact, this is clearly proven by our product’s major properties identified through the series of tests carried out by NEMA.

The Octolam plastic laminate is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Since its main purpose besides aesthetics is to protect surfaces from impact as well as dust, grime, and chemicals, we made sure that our product won’t give in even to the toughest of stains. It is also resistant to high temperatures; it won’t shrink or be deformed when it comes in contact with boiling water. It also has an impressive dimensional change ratio, which makes it hard to break even when brute force is applied.


Benefits to Architects and Designers

This unassuming product may not be as vital to a structure as columns and beams are, but it is surely a valuable finishing material. It can make really difficult designs a reality because of its flexibility and elegance. We have several color and texture options from which you can choose, including abstracts, wood grains, metallic effects, and dekocore. If you can’t find the design you need, we can customize to meet your unique specifications.

If you want your next project to be recognized by architecture and interior design magazines and award-giving bodies, you need to invest in our Octolam plastic laminates. Our products never fail to bring designer talents to the limelight.

Octopus Products is proud to be a leading supplier of the highest quality plastic laminate products in North America. Catering to award-winning designers and architects, we are the go-to resource for premier surface solutions, and plastic laminate is one of our sought after products