Our Story

Octopus Products was founded in 1950

by Frank Bernard, a Czechoslovakian store design expert who migrated to Canada after World War II. With his expertise and experience, Bernard developed a revolutionary modular system of extrusions and components that allowed designers to create easily modified interiors.

As time progressed, Octopus Products focused on interior decorative products and introduced metal laminates to the North American market, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the industry.

Today, the company continues to collaborate with leading manufacturers worldwide, importing and distributing the latest state-of-the-art decorative surfaces to its customers.

At Octopus Products, we're not just in the business of following trends; we're pioneers in setting standards of excellence in the laminate industry.

We relentlessly pursue unique and exciting options from around the globe, ensuring you always receive products that are a cut above the rest.

With a design team that pushes boundaries while maintaining a balance with timeless classics, we source fresh ideas globally. Each potential gem undergoes rigorous review to ensure our clients get nothing but the best.

Our collaborative relationships expose us to a world of influences, driving the Octopus Products philosophy of delivering innovation, style, and a relentless dedication to providing the very best.

Octopus Products stands out by delivering excitement and innovation in our selections. Our offerings cater to the latest trends, prioritizing the visual impact.

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