Starlight – Lightben – Kaos – Hexaben – Ecoben

Representing the latest advances in transparent panel design.


The innovative Birdwing™️ core design of the Bencore Starlight panel combines exceptional strength with outstanding aesthetic beauty. A wide range of traditional and non-traditional applications are possible with this product.

The transparent honeycomb core of the Bencore Lightben panels can be used with lighting to create exciting and unique light effects, in all applications where you typically use traditional transparent panels.

Lightben Acoustic is a modified version of the standard LIGHTBEN product that has micro-perforations in both surface faces. Sound is absorbed into the core of the panel, and significant sound and noise control is possible.

Kaos is a random sized cell structure core that gives the feel of water bubbles. Available in either a clear transparent or black color core.

To create a more industrial look, Hexaben uses an aluminum honeycomb for the core structure. When looking straight onto the sheet, you can see through the panel, but moving sideways has the effect of cutting off the ability to see through the panel. Ideal for privacy concerns.

ECOBEN is the newest addition to the BENCORE product family with a green twist – the core material is recycled cardboard. The core is very dense so while light will pass through, it is impossible to see through the panel.